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At AZIMUTH, we understand the importance of safety in the maritime industry. That’s why we offer an innovative vessel operation system that is designed to prevent maritime accidents and ensure the safety of crew, passengers, and cargo. We work with our clients to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs and align with their strategic goals.

Fleet Management

Azimuth Ship Management (ASM) are committed to provide you with the smooth and professional services.
Our services include:

We offers wide array of technical know-how in terms of consultancy, supervision and problem solution. Operating vessels are ensured to be meet specific operational and maintenance requirement as set by statutory body, recognized organization and charterer. Our team comprises experienced master mariner, superintendents, marine engineers and electrical engineers, with extensive experience combined in dealing with shipyards, flag states, classification societies and suppliers

  • Technical Consultancy and supervision
  • Docking and Lay-up Management
  • Inspection S & P Condition Survey
  • Ship Construction and Buildings Supervision
  • Salvage and emergency response resources

We is committed in maintaining high standards of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality policy, focusing on the Leadership, Culture and Operational principle. Relevant and effective procedures and controls are strictly implemented to ensure safe working environment which encompasses a number initiatives and training program as arranged by HSSEQ Management. With experienced and qualified HSSEQ team, we also offers our expertise for initial implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement.

  • HSSEQ Standard Implementation & Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance Implementation
  • Operation Management
  • Survey, Audit and Inspection

Crewing is one of the most crucial aspect in any shipping organization. The selection and recruitment process are above the standard and we take pride in encouraging and developing our seafarers in order to improve their career prospect. Our management team is supported by our manning offices from Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Myanmar who recruit skilled seafarers with the right mindset, expertise, experience and qualifications.

  • Crew Recruitment and Selection
  • Crew Continuous Training
  • Career Development





Ship Services Agency

Azimuth Ship Services (AzSS) are committed to provide you with the smooth and professional services.


  • Husbandry of vessel
  • Port Clearance
  • Crew change arrangement
  • Transportation
  • Arranging of Cargo Condition, Quality and Quantity inspections
  • Sampling and analyses, Surveys of Damaged Goods, Sealing and Un-sealing of holds and containers
  • Draft Surveys, Tally, claims to handle
  • On / Off-hire surveys, Holds Inspections
  • S&P Inspections
  • Underwater inspections by divers or ROV
  • Additional Pilotage / Pilot Boat / Mooring Services / Mooring boats and Berthing / Un-berthing
  • Cargo packaging consulting / Breakbulk cargo inspections
  • On / Off-hire condition surveys