Ship Services

The Company

Azimuth Ship Services (AzSS) is committed to providing a high level of quality for all range of services, in a manner which conforms to our Principals requirements and expectations.

As a part of this objective, AzSS has established and maintains a quality system, which is planned and developed in conjunction with recognized bodies and our customers. This quality system is reviewed routinely to ensure its continued effectiveness and required improvements are made to meet principal expectations.

The Company’s vision statements are based on a solid foundation as a shipping services provider we will consistently deliver a high level of quality services which conforms to our Principal's requirements.

The core element of our services remains the “local knowledge”, however, we are our vision is that by extending the scope of our service from the “port” to the “voyage” or “trade” we will assist our Principals to maximize the performance and safety of their assets. By creating an inspiring and dynamic organization we will generate, capture and profit on opportunities”.

Key success criteria reaching the ambitious goals requires the Company to:

  • Maintain a customer-oriented organization (front-to-back office)
  • Be aware of that inspired and motivated people are the key to success
  • New people with complementary competence and experience is recruited into key management roles
  • Be aware that the organization needs to have the ability to constantly change to adapt to changes in operating environment
  • Appreciate that a stable business platform will generate opportunities within and beyond the defined core business model

Our critical success factors are:

  • Shared Vision
  • The quality of our People
  • Speed and Accuracy of Port Information
  • Innovative and Proven Product Range
  • Customer Focus with 24 / 7 service
  • And the integration into our financial system ensures a very fast D/A turnaround time and high data quality
  • Understand the trade, cargo requirements, fully acknowledgeable competence staff to hand the operations

These objectives are cascaded to all levels of our organization.

The quality management system of AzSS is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 and addresses the activities of Port Agency Services.

Services to Ships

  • Handle Crew Change movement for all Nationalities for vessel call ALL ports in Malaysia and their repatriation arrangement
  • Meeting services in KLIA Airport to assist on-signers to obtain transit VISA to join the ship
  • Transportation service for crew members to travel to join the ship
  • Prompt communication to ALL parties’ concern
  • All documents will be promptly upon vessel departure will update into base support
  • nderstands the trade, cargo requirements, fully acknowledgeable competence staff to handle the operation
  • Closely liaise with Owner / Charter / Terminal / Port Authority on the vessel movement and vessel’s berthing schedule

Other Services

AzSS is also arranging supervision and consulting services related to ships and cargoes operation main areas being:

The following can be provided if required,

  • Arranging of Cargo Condition, Quality and Quantity inspections
  • Sampling and analyses, Surveys of Damaged Goods, Sealing and Un-sealing of holds and containers
  • Draft Surveys, Tally, claims to handle
  • On / Off-hire surveys, Holds Inspections
  • S&P Inspections
  • Underwater inspections by divers or ROV
  • Additional Pilotage / Pilot Boat / Mooring Services / Mooring boats and Berthing / Un-berthing
  • Cargo packaging consulting / Breakbulk cargo inspections
  • On-hire and Off-hire condition surveys
  • Surveys - Hull & Machinery / Bulk cargo / Bunker / Draft / Deadweight / Cargo pre-shipment / Empty holds’ / Fitness to load / Ship suitability / Salvage and wreck removal / Heavy lift / Cargo tallying and Outturn / Project cargo measurement / Petroleum products’ contamination / cargo stowing and securing / Collision surveys and third party / Oil pollution / Clean-up operations
  • Lightering operations’ supervision
  • Grounding surveys and investigations
  • Tow arrangements’ inspections and approvals
  • Ultrasonic testing of weather tight appliances
  • Sweeping and Trimming Gangs
  • Ship Chandler